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Mollie Macartney RIP

Mollie Macartney was a Stoll veteran and resident who has passed away at 95 years old.  Mollie was adored amongst young and old.  She embraced life and her infectious smile won the hearts of many at Stoll’s Mansions.

Mollie Macartney was an avid horse rider and very fond of taking an annual flying lesson on her birthday each year. Mollie served in the Boat Crew as a member of the  Women’s Royal Naval Service for four years during the Second World War, taking supplies to the Navy from Plymouth. Her job was to look after the electrics and fuel of the ships that took supplies out to the warships.

Although Mollie had seen many disturbing things during the war, her most terrifying experience was when she was tasked with setting out on a small motorboat with a fellow member of the Boat Crew to deliver a letter to Winston Churchill, who was aboard the HMS King George V (KG5.)
Mollie remembers the experience: ‘We went out very far and it was pitch black. The moon wasn’t even out. When we got to the battleship there was a sailor waiting to take the message up a rope ladder, back on board the ship. And that was it. We had to get back in complete darkness. Thankfully my colleague was very good with a compass! It was the only time during the war that I felt truly scared.’

(Mollie pictured centre)

Mollie went on to remember D-Day with bittersweet feelings. ‘I know it may sound strange but the time I spent serving my country were the best years of my life. When the war ended we knew we should be happy but we also knew that all the men were going to come back and reclaim their jobs, the jobs that we loved doing. We weren’t given a choice, we were discharged and that was it.’

Mollie will be missed by her friends and family.

Extract from Quest/Stoll