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We welcome ALL serving and former women of the Royal Naval Services, which includes, WRNS, RN, QARNNS, RNR/WRNR, RFA and RM.

It doesn’t matter how long you served for, what rank or rate you were, where you live now or who you choose to shack up with. Come and nurture old friendships and make new ones, celebrate our achievements, and help to preserve our history.

You don’t need to commit any time although you would be welcome to any meetings or local branches or Informal Groups.

What's included in the Association of Wrens membership:

 Discounts at Royal Maritime Club.

Discounts at Portsmouth Mary Rose Exhibition (Ultimate Explorer Ticket).

Discounted Entry to the
Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (Ultimate Explorer Ticket).


Wrens magazine posted to you on release.

Access to reunions, get-togethers, and Royal Naval
and other military events.

Be a part of a mighty sisterhood.

UK Membership:

1 Year Membership

Cost: £13

5 Year Membership

Cost: £60

10 Year Membership

Cost: £110

Overseas Membership:

1 Year Overseas Membership

Cost: £16

5 Year Overseas Membership

Cost: £75

10 Year Overseas Membership

Cost: £140