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Marion Dytor

30 October 1922 – 6 December 2022

Marian Honora Cecilia Cronin was born in Liverpool on 30th October 1922 to Denis John Cronin and Georgina Kavanagh. She had a brother Les and a sister Doris. The family were brought up as Roman Catholic with Mum and Doris being star pupils at The Bellerive Convent School, in Liverpool. In addition, because there were strong Irish family connections, the school holidays were often spent in Ballinskelligs in Southern Ireland with relatives who were living over there.

At 19, Mum joined the WRNs, in 1941. She went on to become a Leading WRN. Mum served as a pay writer on HMS Eaglet. During World War 2, this was a land-based job, and carried out on the 7th  floor of the Liver Buildings, in Liverpool. It was also quite convenient, because her father Denis was a Police officer and worked on the 8th  floor at the same time.

Marian met Clive Dytor, who was serving in the RAF as a Leading Airman. They began going out  and as soon as they could after the war ended, they married – on Boxing Day 1946, in Liverpool. Once they finished their Military service they moved to the Isle of Wight. Ken was born, followed by my arrival a few years later, and the family went on to live on the Isle of Wight for many years. They moved  up to Shropshire and shared many happy years there. Dad died in 1993.  Ken produced 3 Grandchildren who Mum loved to see as much as possible.

Mum came to live in Kidlington to be near me and my partner Mel, as well as to be closer to Ken and his family.  She loved to go for drives out, and out for lunch. She went on several holidays with me and Mel.

At 99 Mum became very ill and was admitted to hospital – while there she caught Covid. However, 5 weeks later she was, amazingly, fit enough to be moved from the hospital to a Nursing/Residential home. She was a popular resident with both the staff and the other residents – and was nicknamed, not inappropriately, Pickle!

Mum had her WW11 medal and WRN Association badge mounted in a frame and it was hanging on her room wall. She would proudly discuss her time as a WRN and often spoke about her best friend Audrey, who served with her. Staff organised a 100th  birthday party for Mum. She passed peacefully in her sleep.

Jan (Daughter)