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Margaret Havell 

Served as Wren Margaret EM Ward

Service Number 100983

Born- 18 October 1930 Acton London – Died- 26 November Levin NZ 2021

Joined up 8 June 1949 -8 June 1953

L/Wren- 4 July 1952

Role in WRNs – Tailoress

Served: Burghfield, Berkshire 1949

RNAS- Anthorn, Cumberland 1949-1950

HMTE Dauntless, Burghfield 1950

HMS Pembroke -1953

When Mum was released from the WRNS her comment beside the ‘Order for release’ was “unhappy day”.

When Mum left England and arrived in NZ in 1955 she joined the NZ ex WRNS Association.

She was an active member of the WRNS in both New Zealand and England, often travelling to attend reunions in both countries where she met up with friends.

Mum was a proud WREN until the day she died. At her funeral we read the Ode to WRNS sent to us by the British association to honour her association and love of the WRNS.

Julia Havell