Honorary Treasurer

Anne Cameron

I joined the WRNS as a Weapon Analyst in 1977 after graduating with a BA(Hons) Economics degree. Following training I was drafted to Portland during which time I served at Sea on a day to day basis. I served in various shore bases in the UK and after 11 years service decided it was time for a change. I transferred to the WRNR (subsequently RNR) in 1988 and in parallel started a career in industry. After a very rewarding 25 year career in the RNR which included a number of overseas exercises I retired in December 2013 due to the increasing demands of my primary role. From 1988 I had a very variable and rewarding 33 year career with BAE Systems. Throughout I worked predominantly on various Contracts for the Royal Navy. The highlight of my career came when I was invited to join the Aircraft Carrier Alliance in 2009. In 2015 I was seconded to Rosyth as the Software Assurance Manager. With little experience in the field of ship building and mechanical engineering this proved to be a very challenging but interesting and exciting endeavour. The absolute highlight was supporting Sea Trials on HMS Queen Elizabeth (2017) and HMS Prince of Wales (2019) sailing into Portsmouth on the latter in November 2019. What a way to end my Naval Career, I felt both lucky and honoured!