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Carol Gibbon with Marie Taylor, Chris Walker and Val Gleave 2018

The Wrens Standard embodies our past and reinforces our friendship. Historically a rallying point and means of identification, the standard has evolved to symbolise the Association of Wrens and the principles of our organization. It is viewed with pride when we march together and represents members past and present.

All the standard bearers carry their standards with pride and consider it a privilege to to represent their branch at the many events where standards are invited to take part. There is nothing more moving than the sight of a group of standards marching at the front of a parade. Standard Bearers are often invited to attend at funerals for past members of the Association or other service organisations and they lead the coffin in to what is a very moving experience.

For those branches who are lucky enough to still have a standard there is always much going on in the way of parades and occasions to which standards are invited.

The Association standard is dark blue with a gold fringe and bears our Emblem.

We are eager to find new standard bearers to continue the tradition of carrying the standard and representing our members. In 2017 Trustees approved the option of being able to wear uniform trousers as part of the Standard Bearers dress.  This is to allow our Standard Bearers to be brought into line with the girls of the modern navy and in order to attract new Standard Bearers. If you are interested in becoming a standard bearer, please inform your BRANCH or CONTACT the office.