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In 1999 when the Garden was created, it was on a piece of very wet and and muddy land. However, due to some major work carried out at the confluence of the Rivers Trent and Tame, the major floods experienced in the early years are largely a thing of the past.

Wren Rose, are a sight to behold when in flower. Almost all of the roses (99.9%) are now dedicated. The whole memorial garden is surrounded by a lovely Beech hedge slightly over a metre high.

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In 2009 the striking Aguila Memorial was dedicated. It is much admired by the many visitors who come to the Garden. The Dauntless Association were instrumental in the creation of the memorial: a large wooden carved Wren sitting on a granite base. Between base of the Wren and the granite is a time capsule remembering the names of the 21 Wrens and one Naval Nursing sister who were lost at sea en route to Gibraltar in August 1941.

The Wrens Garden is the peaceful, thought-provoking place it was intended to be. In the summer a wonderful perfume from the roses and flowering shrubs invades the garden, however, this can only be experienced if you come and visit!!