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Annie Lagrue

I joined the WRNS at Dauntless in 1978 as an RP and left, on voluntary redundancy, in 1996 as a CPO (R) having completed 18 years’ service, during which time I served in HMS Dryad, Fleet Operations in Northwood during the Falklands Conflict, Air Ops and FOST Ops in Portland and the Ministry of Defence during the first Gulf War.  I was lucky enough to have a full and varied career, and I loved my time as a Wren.  

After I left the service, being an RP was not readily transferable to Civvy Street. I put myself through three years of evening college to qualify as a Credit Manager, learning about accounting, budgeting, corporate law, insolvency law, business management and credit management, some of which I am sure I am going to need in this role.