Registered Charity No. 257040 • Tel: 02392 725141

Waterloo Uncovered

Waterloo Uncovered 2020 – Veteran & Serving Personnel Support Programme

Established in 2015 (the battle of Waterloo’s bicentenary year) Waterloo Uncovered (WU) is a registered
UK charity, that supports UK Veterans and Serving Military Personnel (VSMP) through its ground-breaking
archaeological excavation of the Waterloo Battlefield, Belgium.

As well as discovering new and exciting finds that help us better understand the battle that shaped modern
Europe, participating VSMP will learn new skills, make new friends and achieve personally set goals.

Participation for most is a “once in a lifetime” opportunity, and WU is open to anyone who has served or is
still serving. WU aim to recruit as diverse and balanced a team as possible, with a range in age, gender,
military experience and support goals. Participants do not have to be injured in any way, but if they require
assistance a recognised carer can accompany them.

Those interested in participating need to email and they will be sent an
application form and information.

The application process is open from 1 to 29 February 2020. More details on the programme can be found via their website: