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Virtual Walk Around HMS Queen Elizabeth

Merry Christmas!  I hope that you had a lovely time, albeit no doubt very different than normal / hoped for.  The main thing right now of course is that everyone stays safe so that we can all meet again.

To start us off on a positive this year and with hope, I wondered if you’d be interested in participating in another challenge – another walk that we can all do together yet apart, in our own homes, gardens and areas, so as to adhere to the ongoing protection measures.

I propose that we undertake this challenge during the month of January 2021, starting on Friday 1st and ending on Sunday 31st and to try to make this interesting, I thought this time our virtual walk could be round the flight deck of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH.

Our very own Branch Member, Anne Cameron, worked on the Aircraft Carrier Alliance programme, working on both HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and HMS PRINCE OF WALES.  Some of us have been lucky to get a wee visit board the Carrier(s) and saw them sail from Rosyth for the first time in June 2017 (HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH).

As it still gets dark early (albeit that we are now thankfully past the shortest day of the year and so the days will start to get longer, slowly, but surely), I propose that we do less miles / steps for this challenge and my recommendation is that we each look to do 2.2miles / 3.5km / 5,000 steps per day (some may do more and some less, but this is fine and will balance out between us all 😊).

A picture containing outdoor, weapon, knife, gun

Description automatically generatedHMS QUEEN ELIZABETH is:·         280m / 920ft long; and·         73m / 240ft beam overall (29m / 128ft beam on the waterline).Two RN sailors have recently completed the first ever marathon onboard HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH and they ran 88 laps round the aircraft carrier’s 4-acre flight deck to achieve the 26mile run in 5 hours!

So, for our January Challenge, in 31 days, we’d be looking to each do:

·         231 laps of the flight deck of HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH

·         68.2 miles / 108.5km

·         155,000 steps.

I propose that if we’re able to raise any funds through our January Challenge (e.g. raise donations / sponsorship and /or each pay an entry fee of £5) then we split this between the Association and WRNSBT.  All donations should be paid to the Branch in the first instance, then Jennifer can split the donations on completion of our Challenge.

I’m going to try to make contact with HMS QUEEN ELIZABETH to make them aware of our January Challenge and see if any of the Ladies on board would be interested in joining in with us, and perhaps send us some pictures throughout the month that we can post on our Branch Facebook page.

Please confirm if you’re able to participate, then weekly on a Monday send me your miles / km / steps for the previous week (Monday-Sunday, obviously week 1 will just be Friday-Sunday), and I’ll track our progress and post weekly updates on our Branch Facebook page.

Stay safe and well, Ladies, and all the very best for a healthy, safe and happy New Year.



Branch Chairman

Association of Wrens and Women of the Royal Naval Services

Edinburgh & District Branch