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The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund Becomes The Naval Children’s Charity

The Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund becomes the Naval Children’s Charity

In 2020, the Royal Navy and Royal Marines Children’s Fund becomes the Naval Children’s Charity

Support for Naval Children began with orphanages first established in Portsmouth and Chatham in 1825. Over the years the charity evolved to meet the needs of Naval children and today becomes the only charity dedicated to Naval children: the Naval Children’s Charity. The new name sets out the vision of the Naval Children’s Charity to reach more beneficiaries in need, hardship or distress.

Support can be offered in many different ways. Through our Emergency Essentials Grant Scheme we offer direct grants to children and families in immediate need for such items such as clothing, school uniform, groceries or essential household items.

We also provide educational support for children with special educational needs and/or disabilities.   Grants can be awarded for items such as laptops or learning aids, extra lessons and curricular activities.  Working in conjunction with the advice and recommendations made by medical and education professionals support with much more expensive items for disability/illness such as wheelchairs, mobility aids or therapies can be arranged. This list is not exhaustive, there is no child related need the Trustees will not consider.

If a family is struggling, they can get in touch with the Naval Children’s Charity and find out more information on how the Charity can help them –   the Charity has a dedicated team of caseworkers who can help. Families can come directly or go through NS FPS (Naval Service People and Family Support, Royal Navy) or SSAFA, the RBL or another charity. The new Caseworker Outreach Programme in 2020 will see one of the caseworkers visiting community centres in Naval areas around the UK. The events offer families informal drop-in sessions to speak to a caseworker. Places and dates are available on the website.