Spring into Summer – AOW on show June

The National Armed Forces Day Showing Chris Walker the AOW National Standard Bearer as the left hand marker with our Patron HRH The Princess Royal taking the Salute

AOW on show Part Three 

In this Year of Recruiting we have made the most of every opportunity to get out and about promoting the Association.

Here are photos taken throughout the UK of some memorable events and enthusiastic members from April to July – with many more still to come .

Names for those pictured have only been supplied where permission has been granted to include them – GDPR legislation

We are very proud that Chris WalKer (AOW National Standard Bearer) can be seen as Left Marker for the NAFD Parade as it passes by HRH the Princess Royal, Admiral and Chief Commandant for Women in the Royal Navy.

June is the month for Armed Forces Days and summer events there are many more photos in the summer magazine which will be distributed in early August. Is your name on the mailing list? Are you a member of the Association, whether an ex Wren, former or currently serving female in the Royal Naval Services?

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