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Spring into Summer – AOW on Show in April

AOW on show Part One  In this Year of Recruiting we have made the most of every opportunity to get out and about promoting the Association.

Here are photos taken throughout the UK of some memorable events and enthusiastic members from April to July – with many more still to come .

Names for those pictured have only been supplied where permission has been granted to include them – GDPR legislation

Helen Beale ‘Never at Sea’ exhibition at Standen House & Garden National Trust 28 April to 11 November 2018

Using family letters and memories, we take you on Helen’s journey from a Voluntary Aid Detachment nurse to becoming the first female officer of the Women’s Royal Naval Service (WRNS). Alongside video footage of that time, the public and more private aspects of Helen’s career will be united in a display of her personal possessions as well as items from the National Maritime Museum and the Royal Navy Museum. We bring Helen’s words to life through her letters being read by two of today’s retired Wrens and one ex Wren who transferred and is serving now as an RN Officer,… (link is external)