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Short Video Clips Needed for NSN

HQ has received the following message from Cdr Kay Hallsworth RN of the Naval Servicewomen’s Network:

“For the Naval Servicewomen’s Network Conference on 4 March 2020 we would like to put together a series of short video clips of WRNS talking about their memories of their time in service.

All we need is a short video clip, filmed on a mobile phone is the easiest, and sent to

If each person could tell a short story or relive a memory of their time in service it would be nice, a couple of minutes each should be fine. If they could say who they are and when they served at the beginning, so people know who they are.

We are looking for all sorts of stories, funny, sad, daring tales of adventure and a little romance thrown in for good luck!

If videos could be sent to the email address for 15 Feb 2020 it would be appreciated.

Many thanks”