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Search for Dauntless Divisional Photos

A new archival project is under way to bring the spiritual home of post-war Wrens back to life.

An estimated 30,000 women passed through the gates of HMS Dauntless in Burghfield, near Reading, between 1947 and 1981.

They went through the transition from civilian to member of the Women’s Royal Naval Service or WRNS.

Dauntless is now long gone, replaced by a housing estate, but historians intend to bring the establishment back to life through photographs.

They are creating a searchable database of Divisional photos, plus a chance to comment on and add personal photos from training days in Dauntless.

Mandy Whitham, who’s gathering and logging the imagery, hopes that the lockdown has given former Wrens the chance to rummage around in their photograph collections for images of life at Dauntless and will, in turn, put them back in touch with old shipmates.

They can either join the Facebook group or email Mandy directly on

Source: Navy News