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Seafarer’s Link

Message from the AOW Chairman:  

 At this difficult time in our lives when many are self-isolating – and especially those without family members – it is important that we all do our utmost to ensure that everyone is safe, well, and supported in their needs.   I am sure that all Association members are doing their best to ensure through their Branches and Informal Groups that their members are being well looking after –  especially those who are classified as being in the vulnerable groups.  At the same time it is important that all former Wrens play their part and I ask, therefore, that everyone  (AOW Members and non-AOW Members)  read this leaflet from Seafarers’ Association and please pass on the information to all who would benefit from this telephone Silverline linkage – people need to be in contact with others – we are basically all social animals – and it is good to talk person to person rather than just correspond via e-mails. Many thanks for your time in reading this,  and I hope that many isolated people – whether they be former Wrens or not – will greatly benefit from chatting with a human voice.