Royal Navy history as first female captain takes command of ship

A Royal Navy officer has made history by becoming the first female captain to command one of the Navy’s ships.

Captain Milly Ingham is the new Commanding Officer of HMS Protector – the Royal Navy’s only Ice Patrol Ship.

The First Sea Lord took to social media to congratulate Captain Ingham, while the Naval Servicewomen’s Network tweeted “congratulations Ma’am” as HMS Protector shared a photo of her new Commanding Officer.

Commander Maritime Reserves, Commodore Mel Robinson, also tweeted about Captain Ingham’s appointment, describing it as a “monumental moment in the history of the @RoyalNavy”.

She added: “Congratulations and admiration in equal measure. Good for you Captain Ingham, good the Royal Navy good for @navy_women who have a fantastic role model and journey to aspire to #SeaCommand #Captain #Warfare.”

Source: RoyalNavy/ForcesNet