On This Day 1989……

At 0822 on 22 September 1989 the IRA detonated a bomb at the Royal Marines School Of Music in Deal.

A 15lb (6.8 kg) time bomb detonated in the recreational centre changing room at the Royal Marines School of Music. The blast destroyed the recreational centre, levelled the three-story accommodation building next to it and caused extensive damage to the rest of the base and nearby civilian homes. The blast was heard several kilometres away, shaking windows in the centre of Deal, and created a large pall of smoke over the town.

The following Royal Marines lost their lives:

Musn Mick Ball,
Bd Cpl John (Andy) Cleatheroe
Bd Cpl Trevor Davis
Musn Richard Fice
Musn Richard (Taff) Jones
Bd Cpl Dave McMillan
Musn Chris Nolan
Bd Cpl Dean Pavey
Musn Mark Petch
Musn Tim Reeves and
Musn Bob Simmonds

The blast also resulted in the injury of 22 other Royal Marines Band Service members.

The then Commandant General Royal Marines, Lieutenant General Sir John Martin Carruthers Garrod, KCB, CMG, OBE, DL appeared on television shortly after the attack condemning the bombers as “thugs, extortionists, torturers, murderers and cowards – the scum of the earth”. Further “We will emerge stronger and more determined than ever before to end and destroy this foul and dark force of evil.”

Just one week later the band service marched through Deal with gaps in their ranks to honour their fallen comrades. The finest military band in the world rose above the blind hate and bigotry to show everyone that the music won’t ever be stopped by bullets and bombs.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning……………WE WILL REMEMBER THEM.