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Naval Associations Parade

Reunite, march and remember together…

The Naval Associations’ Parade (formerly known as the Biennial Parade) will take place on Sunday 12th September this year at the Cenotaph in Whitehall with the invitation extended to all CONA (Conference of Naval Associations) members.The Parade will be particularly moving as we will use the occasion to remember all those who have crossed the bar during the pandemic, many of whom could not be honoured at their own funerals or memorial services. It will of course include reference to the late Prince Philip the Duke of Edinburgh in the service, and I am sure it would be regarded as a gesture of support to Her Majesty The Queen if we were to turn out in appropriate numbers. If you/your branch/IG/virtual member would be interesting in joining this year’s parade, please let me know through the office and I will pass on the information to the RNA. The Closing date for members of the AOW to apply is 16 August Timings and further details will then be emailed to you.

Many thanks, Nancy Hill