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Independent LGBT Review – request for participation

Independent LGBT Review – request for participation

A request from Cobseo Chair, Lt Gen Sir Nick Pope


In August, I met with Lord Etherton, the Independent Chair of the review looking into the impact of the historic ban on LGBT military personnel had on Veterans. One of the key points that he highlighted throughout our discussion was the absolute need for Veterans to share their stories and take part in his evidence-gathering review to ensure that the Review Team has as many different experiences as possible to ensure that they can produce the best possible recommendations to work towards righting such historic wrongs.


The team are keen to hear from those Veterans who were directly impacted, and he was keen to highlight that this includes any type of impact; Veterans do not have to have been discharged or investigated to take part – they are keen to hear from every single Veteran who has a story to share. Fighting with Pride have produced an excellent guide to help all Veterans submit lived experience accounts, which can be downloaded here – find out more on their website here.


The team are also keen to hear from the friends and family of LGBT personnel who served between 1967 and 200; other military personnel who served during the same time; and academics and organisations who work within the area. Members can find out more and take part in the call for evidence here – if you have a story to share, please take part in this vital review, and please share this throughout your own networks to try to ensure that we reach out to as many people as possible. This is a key opportunity to share evidence of what LGBT Veterans experienced, and address the impact it has had on Veterans today, in particular in relation to members of the LGBT community.