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Former Wrens add to the decor on board!

Left to Righjt – Leading Hand Lori Allan,
. LHOM 7J, WO1 Jenny Scrivener and Leading Hand Joanne Robertson, LHOM 7H.

A warm welcome was given to these RN women at Semaphore Tower who visited the AOW HQ in Semaphore Tower on 23 Jan 2019, l to r Leading Hand Lori Allan. LHOM 7J, WO1 Jenny Scrivener and Leading Hand Joanne Robertson, LHOM 7H. They were delighted with the two Stokes Gallery WRNS100 ‘silhouette’ paintings that had been chosen as a gift for the two Junior Rate messes. This had been planned for a while when originally the link between AOW and HMS Queen Elizabeth was steered by Lt Trish Chatfield. This has now been inherited by WO1 Jenny Scrivener (thanks Jenny!) with the possibility of a visit to the ship before the next deployment. We look forward to that and to having further communications with the women onboard. 

The PRO treated Trish to an AOW gin glass for her regular updates throughout last year – sadly she wasn’t able to join the party, she was on her first day at a new job shoreside. Thanks and congratulations for 2019.


Later, on the 8th Feb. another important presentation was made by Glynis Shaw, former Leading Wren Photographer 1973-78 to WO1 Jenny Scrivener of a wonderful photographic canvas depicting  HMS Queen Elizabeth and the Emirates Spinnaker Tower as she approached Portsmouth Harbour, before Christmas. Glynis’s artwork will be displayed in the WO’s Mess onboard ship.