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Christine – Practice

Practice makes perfect! Visit to Highgrove from the Website

I was lucky to be invited to the Not Forgotten Association (NFA) visit to Highgrove on Monday 25th September. Despite the poor weather, we had an enjoyable day and I was pleased to meet Gayna, who was the other representative of the AOW for this treat,  (see attached photo). 

I was delighted with the range of people from the various services who were given the opportunity by the NFA to attend. The range was in age, occupation and service background. The meal before the tour and tea afterwards gave us great opportunity to talk to people from this range. Only one person did we discover alone and her story was interesting with 27 years service in the Air Force. As you know, the NFA’s aim is to provide “entertainment and recreation for the benefit of the serving wounded, injured or sick and for veterans who suffer from a disability or illness”.

Dorothy and Gayna