Blue Plaque Dedicated to Aggie Weston

A Blue Plaque has been dedicated to philanthropist and Royal Sailors Rests founder Agnes ‘Aggie’ Weston (1840-1918).

Born in London in 1840, Aggie spent more than two decades living and working among the sailors of the Royal Navy – and the charity she founded built two iconic buildings in Plymouth, that are sadly no longer there.

She co-founded two Royal Sailors’ Rests in Plymouth (and one in Portsmouth) with fellow philanthropist Sophia Wintz (1847-1929).

Aggie campaigned tirelessly to improve the lot of her beloved ‘bluejackets’ and even published a book in 1909 about her work with them. Her other accomplishments include the establishment of a monthly magazine called ‘Ashore and Afloat’ as well as many temperance societies on naval ships.

She was appointed Dame Grand Cross of the Order of the British Empire (GBE) in 1918 in recognition of her achievements. When she passed away later that year she became the first woman to be granted full naval honours at her funeral.

Located by the entrance to Endurance Court in Devonport’s Oceansgate development, the plaque has been positioned opposite the site where the Royal Sailors Rests buildings originally stood before they were destroyed in the Blitz in 1941.

The new Aggie Weston plaque at Oceansgate (from L-R Cllrs Sally Haydon, Sue Dann and Jemima Laing (Image: Wayne Perry)

Source: PlymouthLive