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Plans to mark our 100 year milestone will not have been made in vain!

Carol Gibbon

2020 Centenary Chairwoman

In January 1920 Dame Katharine Furse formed the WRNS Friendly Association which later that year was renamed The Association of Wrens. It was formed to keep alive the unique spirit of the WRNS and to celebrate past achievements, preserve the history and traditions, foster esprit-de-corps and comradeship. These are still the aims of the Association today.

This Centenary year we have unfortunately had to postpone many exciting events which had been planned to take place, at a wide variety of locations. However we are confident that they are only postponed, not cancelled. Keep an eye on the events page to see what plans are in place for 2021.

Your Centenary


Mrs Alison Towler
Mrs Anthea Larken
Mrs Nancy Hill
Mrs Barbara McGregor
Mrs Karen Elliott
Mrs Carol Gibbon
Mrs Rita Hoddinott
Mrs Kathy Carter
Mrs Linda Mitchell
Mrs Lyn Gannon

The 100th anniversary of the formation of The Association of Wrens will be commemorated by the formal recognition of the monument in the WRNS Garden at the National Memorial Arboretum on Tuesday 22nd June 2021.