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Apprentice – You’re Hired!

“I was born in the Mediterranean on the south coast of Spain to British parents. Living next to the sea I loved being on the water whether it was surfing, kayaking, sailing, paddle boarding or just swimming.

While I was in the British sea scouts overseas, I got my love for the outdoors and adventure. When I was 14, during an international scout camp, I decided I wanted to join the military after sitting in the cockpit of a cargo plane at Rota, the American Naval base on the Atlantic coast of Spain. After several more years of education and working as an outdoor instructor and an air conditioning installer, I finally applied to join the military. Initially I looked at the RAF, as three of my grandparents had served, but it seemed like joining the Royal Navy as a Survival Equipment Technician was the perfect fit for me as it combined aspects I’d enjoyed from my previous roles.

Throughout my life, I’ve already travelled a lot through Japan and South East Asia and worked in Spain, England and the United States of America. I’ve led groups of campers through the bear-infested wilderness of the Adirondacks National Park on canoe expeditions and I’ve also volunteered to help build houses for those affected by Hurricane Maria while in Puerta Rica.

Now I’ve been selected to be the class leader during my Royal Navy training. It’s been a real highlight for me and has really made me step out of my comfort zone. I’m really enjoying the challenge. As you are training and living with people you become very close, very quickly so I’ve also made lots of friends for life.

It’s great to be able to train towards relevant qualifications whilst focusing on my career. Once I complete my course at Sultan, I will have a consolidation period at Culdrose to complete my task book. From there it’s my goal to go to Maram and work with the F35s.

If I met anyone looking to join the Royal Navy or to choosing the apprenticeship route I’d say do it! Enjoy it and make the most of every opportunity you get.”

Apprentice SET Summer Barr

Source: Royal Navy