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30 Years At Sea

Tomorrow marks 30 years of Women being able to deploy to Sea in the Royal Navy. Here at RNAS Yeovilton we are sharing some of the experiences of members of our station personnel.

Commander Kara Chadwick – Cdr Logistics Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton

“ I joined the Royal Navy in Jan 2000 so have served 20 years. I joined because I wanted a job that wasn’t 9-5 and loved being near the sea. I loved being at sea from the very first day. I love the community feel of a ship, that everyone is working together and that you are normally going somewhere interesting to do something exciting. My first time at sea after joining the RN full time was on HMS CAMPBELTOWN, travelling from the Caribbean up the east coast of America to Halifax, Canada. I’d only been in the Navy for 6 weeks and I was in New Orleans for Mardi Gras! Other memories include sitting in the sun on the upper deck learning ‘Rule of the Road’, ‘Cruel Sea’ film night on the flight deck and watching the USS John F Kennedy, a huge US Aircraft Carrier, coming alongside in Mayport, Florida. It was an amazing start to my career in the Royal Navy”

Source: RNAS Yeovilton